I am Danish but live in Sweden. Born in 1985.

Self-employed with 3 different companies.

I am mostly known as Sweden´s foremost Horse Psychologist, “The Guy with the Hat” or The Swedish Horse Whisperer and now The Climate Cowboy.

I have an active community of about 7.000-8.000 students throughout Sweden and Scandinavia. I have educated over 30.000 students through the past 10 years in different venues and ways.

My great passions are of course everything horse, but also environment, nature in general and everyone within it as well as charities and making a difference in the world.

I grew up in the farm country in Denmark, near the ocean and forests and I have a professional background in restaurants.

I also played semi-professional handball until I turned 18. Got severely injured in my back and that career ended from one day to the next.

That got me started on a crazy path of downward negative living.

Ended up in old and very bad habits.

Got very overweight and stuck in jobs that were killing me.

At last I was laid off from my job, laid off from my then girlfriend and therefore also laid off from the apartment I was living in.

So, I was semi-homeless for a period. Living and sleeping in my car mostly and at friend’s places.

I was working my butt off at some of the finest restaurants in Copenhagen but got totally burned out.

At that low point I got very motivated and from there I found my purpose in life which is to create world of happier relationships between horses and humans, as well as being of service towards this planet and the communities within it.

So, from there I started my own business helping horses and horse people by teaching and training them. Not knowing anything about business or teaching.

Found my wife Stefani Hansen (which is another very interesting story) in 2008 and together we built our companies.

Now 10 years later we are living by our own design and building our businesses together.😊



An ultra endurance athlete, who does long distance rides and runs for the environment and for charity.

"The only thing that truly stops you or

get´s you going is your imagination."



Address: Rosentorp, Norra Sandby 4230

28191 Hässleholm, Sweden

Email: contact@theclimatecowboy.com

Phone: +46 (0) 761 86 2121




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